Sold a part of me

Well, I did it. I sold my N9.

It’s really a sad parting, but at the end of the day it came to a practical consideration. I wouldn’t be able to use it as my main phone since I had an iPad, and the phone just lacked a lot of the Apps I needed (not just Whatsapp, but stuff like Seesmic Ping, Evernote and Office, which I use regularly).

I say its sad because I’m still smitten by it. The UI wasn’t perfect but once you started swiping, no other phone felt the same. I still make the mistake of occasionally swiping from the top on my Omnia 7 in a futile attempt to close an app.

Not just that, but much as I like metro, there’s just something about the MeeGo aesthetics that appeal to me as well. Admittedly, the OS shares a lot of design similarities with the iPhone, but it feels less dull and softer, with the use of rounded icons, colours and other little details.

I really hope that when Nokia is back in the big three, it gives the UI a second chance.


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