LINE app updates for Windows Phone

The Japanese messaging app LINE just got a nice bump to v2.0.0.17 (that’s a lot of decimals), bringing support for WP8 lockscreens and rather significant performance gains.

Now you can set LINE as one of the five notification icons, or as an app to show detailed status. I find this rather important for any communications app on WP8 – and I’m sure Whatsapp will support this when they update their app.

LINE is also really fast to boot up now – almost like it never closed! Although you do end up on the favorites page everytime.

I’m still looking forward to more updates – for one, being able to pin contacts and have their tiles update would be nice, as well as being able to change the wallpaper or theme of the main UI (cause the white is too sterile).

But, hey I’m not complaining – one small step ahead for WP8 is one more step ahead of BB10, and one more step closer to Android.

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