Note+: Really Quick Note-taking!

Much as Evernote for WP has made huge leaps in design and performance, I still find it pretty lacking. The main gripe I have with it is that actual text-input leaves much to be desired – the text input box has a scrolling issue when your note extends beyond the screen and the font size is too small, for example.

Note+ has taken the place of Evernote’s “New Note” tile on my start screen. It’s simple, fast, fluid, has a clean design and a dark theme (this is important for AMOLED screens), plus integrates nicely with voice recognition on the phone. You can also set a featured note for display on the live tile.

Voice commands and note-taking is really a standout feature, especially if you do a lot of thinking while driving (is it as dangerous as drinking?). I much prefer it to OneNote, since you can dictate extended passages and multiple sentences. To create a new note, I activate speech and say “Note plus create new note”; the app opens a new note and automatically opens the voice recognition so I can start taking notes immediately. The difference with OneNote is that it doesn’t save the note as an audio file, but I’d rather not have the audio file.

I usually then email the note to Evernote using their email syntax.

Of course, Note+ is really, really simple. You can’t group notes, there’s no syncing, no formatting, no cute mascots or fancy colours and tags. But simplicity is king when you want something fast and fluid – I’m happy the developer was willing to make those trade-offs. I also like how responsive the developer is – I highlighted a bug and requested for a new note tile and got a response on the same day.

Note+ will set you back only US$0.99 and comes with a free trial.

New Note Tile

Plain, but aesthetically pleasing

Create a new note completely with voice commands!


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