Nokia Wireless Charging Plate

Finally managed to get a hold of the wireless charging plate in a matching yellow for my Lumia 820!

The first thing that struck me was how big the wall outlet was. The plate and cable themselves have quite a small footprint, but man, that ceramic white plug is a monster. Maybe the US plugs are slightly smaller…

So far I’ve found wireless charging to be a little of hit-and-miss. The charging rate is actually pretty decent (maybe because of this) and it is nice to not have to plug a microusb cable to start charging.

Yet at the same time, not having to plug the charger has its disadvantages – if I want to use the phone, I would have to lift it off the charging plate, which stops the charging. With a USB cable, the phone can still charge while you are holding it.

Where I can see wireless charging really take off is when charging stations become easily accessible, much like Nokia’s Coffee Bean tie-up. That would mean I wouldn’t have to carry around a battery charger half as much!

Maybe if I spent another $30 to get the charging stand…

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