App Review: The Facebook by JDB Pocketware

TLDR: For WP8 users looking to do more on Facebook, The Facebook is a wrapper for the social network that does just that. Think notifications and the ability to check-in as well as post photos.


There have been plenty of WP8 Facebook wrappers that take advantage of the social network’s optimized interface to earn some cash, but in most cases the advantage they offer over the web is just a nicer tile and quick links to basic functions.

JDB Pocketware (Handyscan) has done a little more with “The Facebook” (heavily related to another of their apps, Social Scout). It’s a wrapper that does more than most, with tile and toast notifications, as well as the ability to post photos in status updates and check-in.


Installing it is a curious process though, as the app only allows the aforementioned features if it is pinned to start from within the Social Scout app. However, JDB Pocketware also offers The Facebook as a separate app, where it acts simply as a wrapper. Tapping on the icons to post updates and check-in will prompt users to download Social Scout.

If the app detects that Social Scout has already been installed, it will guide users through the pinning process. Users can also pin the app from within Social Scout (More > The Facebook > Settings > Pin to Start).

I think its great – you can do more than official Facebook app e.g. In groups or on pages. I haven’t figured if it works for being a page admin, though I doubt it as the doesn’t mention page control when installing the app.

The only drawback I see over using Internet Explorer is that you can’t “long press” to copy pictures or links. I reached out to the devs and understand that they are working on a way to copy pictures. Also, if you do not buy the app, there will be intermittent ads for other JDB apps shown.

Overall, whether or not you choose to pay US$2.99 for it, I think it’s a great app. WP8 users who need to do a more than what is natively provided in the OS should definitely give it a spin.

You can download Social Scout here, as well as The Facebook here.


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