Travel Planning Part 2: Start Screen Conveniences

One great thing about the Start Screen is being able to pin various “things” together. Why I say “things” is because you can pin a lot more than apps.

I’ve recently been planning for a trip to Osaka, and its great being able to keep Live Tiles (similar to Android widgets), apps, as well as shortcuts to different files and functions within apps, all in one place. I can view the exchange rate at a glance, I can directly access my shared excel trip plans without opening the Office app first. This is something that, IMO, neither Android or iOS does as elegantly.

Thanks to GroupTiles, I’m also able to create a header to separate all my Travel stuff from my day to day work screen.

What’d you think? Or are there any super apps that you think I should pin there as well? Do leave a comment below.

I’ll be sharing about my travel planning workflow in the next few articles, so stay tuned!

Part 1: The Overview – Some of the WP8 apps I’ve used for travel planning


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