An alternate, Microsoft-dominated tablet-iverse?

Just revisited an old article from Pocket about the Microsoft Courier – in the light of Samsung’s success with the Note(s), I just find it sad.

Sure, I can’t say for certain that it would have been a success.

But I do think it would have at least a step in the right direction. And given that it could have launched within a year of the first iPad (2009), that gives Microsoft about 2 – 3 years to have iterated the product. As opposed to waiting another 2 years for Windows 8.

Some parallel the Courier to the Blackberry Playbook, which also skipped the native email client during its launch. Since the Playbook didn’t have email and theCourier didn’t have email, their chances of success would have been similar. I’m not sure if that holds as well, because no matter how Blackberry could market that device – it would never truly be as much a content-creation device as the Courier potentially could have been. This was a device that was built for stylus and touch

Oh well, hindsight is always 20/20 – and nothing is ever constant in the tech-iverse, so who knows? 

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