Rant : Nokia, please surprise us

So, if there’s one thing we know so far, the Lumia 928 is probably not going to be a big leap over the 920. Microsoft and Nokia have been quite tight-lipped recently, so I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised by mid-year!

Two things I wish Nokia did when they launched the 920:

1. Put a bigger battery

When I first saw the Lumia 920 intro video, I was sold – it looked to be the perfect follow-up to the 900 that I had held off buying, from the design to the spec-sheet. I did stop for a moment at the battery size – at a time when Samsung’s top brass had 2,100mAH and 3,100mAH, Nokia choose to underwhelm somewhat. At the time I brushed it aside, thinking that the engineers would surely have done their battery tests. Wireless charging is just not widespread enough for this to be ignored.

Unfortunately, feedback from friends point to the 920 having a problem with battery life. I hear that Whatsapp apparently exacerbates it, but an average user would not blame an app, they’d blame the phone. And that spoils the user experience – everything else is awesome, or at least bearable and outweighed by the phone’s awesomeness.

Which is a real pity, because the lower rungs of Nokia’s phone larder are performing up to or beyond expectations – the 521 selling really well apparently, and the 720 putting right the 920’s battery disappointments. I’m hoping they put a huge battery in the rumoured EOS device.

2. Lighten the load

Holding the 920 by itself, I honestly don’t think it’s that heavy. But after holding a friend’s iPhone 5, I can understand why critics turn their noses up at the 920’s weight. It’s weighty, if only relatively. Add to that its bulkiness, and you have a critic magnet. The 720 was a pleasant surprise (which made me regret getting the 820 so much), so I hope future iterations bring a little more of this design thinking with them.

Fight, Nokia, Fight!

In all fairness, Nokia has been playing a game of catch-up, and I think they’ve been doing it admirably, though not perfectly. In between swapping OSes and core architectures, plus the dead end that was WP7, I would not like to be in Stephen Elop’s shoes. When the 920 came out I was highly optimistic, and still am, though somewhat more guarded. Nokia really has to keep those guns firing, else they may find themselves the target of an acquisition and fading into the halls of history.

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