Kansai Region with Windows Phone Part 1 – Start Screen


So I’m travelling to the land of green tea and bowing citizens. Re-arranged my Windows Phone start screen with what I think will be used most often. I travel without data roaming, depending almost completely on WiFi – although i’m hoping to give Skype WiFi a shot on the iPad. Will probably update it as I go along, but for now, here it is:

  1. MyTrips – 3rd party Tripit app. I find this significantly cleaner and more well-designed than the official app. The live tile shows your next flight.
  2. Excel Itinerary – shared it with the rest of the gang using Skydrive. Google Drive on iOS and Android honestly has better integration – you can edit documents directly from the app, whereas with Skydrive you’ll have to open the file in the Office app. But having quick access to this file on the start screen is awesome! I made sure to sync it to the latest version before boarding.
  3. Weather Flow – pinned all the cities that were available. It won’t stay updated since it works on WiFi but I figured it’d still be useful. Couldn’t find Koyasan as a city though.
  4. Music + Videos – fork the plane and train journeys. Think I might resize it later – really like the Live Tile on this.
  5. Quick Settings – airplane mode + WiFi will be my friend. And flashlight might come in handy too.
  6. Skydrive – kept our maps and other documents in there in PDF format, so I’ll download them to PDF reader the night before. I still like printing hard copy documents to be safe, but having a soft copy version on your phone is useful for quick referencing plus zooming.
  7. PDF Reader – as mentioned, for accessing my offline PDFs. To save offline, download from Skydrive via Internet Explorer and open the file with PDF reader. The file is automatically saved.
  8. Itsdagram – to upload photos onto Instagram and elicit jealous reactions from friends
  9. Camera – just in case I want to quickly access the camera via the start screen i.e. space filler
  10. gMaps Pro– there isn’t an offline map of Japan in Nokia’s HERE apps, so I feel like I’ll Google more on this one.
  11. 4th & Mayor – the Foursquare client, just because overseas = perfect time to get loads of points!
  12. Kindle– the alternative to music for flights and train rides. Was sure to sync it before traveling
  13. Toshl – for quick expense tracking and adding.

So that’s it for a start (geddit geddit?) – I’ll be writing more about my travels in the coming posts, so stay tuned! You can follow me on Twitter @wasabigeek for more updates.


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