Travel with Windows Phone – Games Apps for Two

Saved by The Game of Life.

Stuck at the bus terminal with a 2-hour delay ahead of us, my travel companion and I would probably have died of boredom, had he not downloaded the game on his phone earlier. That day I learnt a great lesson, and to that end coin a proverb – time pass fast with downloaded fluff game.

I hope that you and your companions spend more time experiencing than waiting. But for those unplanned delays or down moments, it’s always good to bring some multi-player entertainment. Here are some free, indie games for Windows Phone – emphasis is on casual and intuitive games suited for offline play, involving two or more players.

1. Achtung!

Players: 1 – 2
Gameplay: Simultaneous
Adrenalin Level: 7
Price: Free with Ads,

Owners of a Nokia phone pre-2007 will be familiar with Snake, the game whose mascot craved pixels for breakfast. I like to think of Achtung as multi-player Snake – albeit you’re trying to beat your opponents by making them bump into the wall, your snake, or themselves. This is incredibly fun, and sometimes you just need something more real-time.

Download here.

Just drawing chalk ma’am

2. 4 in a row

Players: 1 – 2
Gameplay: Pass & Play
Brainy Level: 6
Price: Free

Lighter, simpler and less fanciful than EA’s Connect 4 – this is a classic game which is easy to pick up and gets the mind thinking. Winning involves lining up a row of 4 tokens, and you’ll have to think ahead to outsmart your opponent.

Download here.


3. Ultra Air Hockey 3

Players: 1 – 2
Gameplay: Simultaneous
Adrenalin Level: 10
Price: Free

Hit that puck and defend your goal! This is a little heavier than most other Air Hockey game apps in the store, but it’s the only one I’ve seen with TWO pucks in two player mode.

Download here.

A good offense is a good defence.

4. Orientile

Players: 1 – 2
Gameplay: Pass & Play
Brainy Level: 10
Price: Free with Ads, US$1.29 without

Out of the four games listed, this requires the most brainpower. You take turns to connect dots and close up boxes – any box that is at least 2 x 1 will score you points. Which means you have to be careful not to give your opponent the opportunity to close a box. Easier said than done! The developer, Beautiful Mind Games, also has plenty of other mind-numbing games.

Download here.

Man… you work hard for them sushi

May the apps entertain you

Do let me know if you’d like more game recommendations for traveling – you can leave a comment below, or get in touch on Twitter @wasabigeek.

Also, check out my Travel category for more tips on making the most out of your Windows Phone overseas, plus some blog posts from my travels!

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