Thanks Whatsapp! Windows Phone update helps battery life

Whatsapp has finally released an update for their messaging app on Windows Phone. This update has been talked about as early as April, with the largest change being a shift to using the Windows Phone background agent.

Previously the app piggybacked on the audio-stream to keep running in the background so notifications could be received. While this improved the reliability of notifications, there were complaints that battery life were affected.

Today is my second day with the update and I must say, it does seem to have a noticeable positive impact on battery life. The disadvantage is that the Windows Phone background agent has scheduled refresh intervals of about 30 minutes, meaning notifications might be delayed if the app is not active.

(the actual figure was around 11 hours before battery saver with my moderate browsing and intermittent gaming)

That said, I much rather trade slight notification delays for better battery life. I figure if something is urgent, I’d get a call!

Do you feel the update helps with battery life?

You can leave a note in the comments below, or find me on Twitter @wasabigeek


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