Disrupting myself. Day 2.

As of two days ago, my life was a little… different.

I’ve moved from an large, bureaucratic organisation to a fast-growing company (I don’t say startup, because they’re not small anymore). Job scope has changed somewhat as well – from Product Marketing to Product Management. I’m still a PM, but it’s quite the shift, even for just two days:

  • JEANS! T-SHIRTS! LOAFERS! While the culture doesn’t seem as free as some startups, after a year-and-a-half of shirts, pants and dress shoes, I am happy. 
  • No Shared space. Warm Cosy. Definitely need headphones sometimes. But it is a nice change from cubicles and crazy cold air-conditioning.
  • Say what? From gross adds and churn to tickets, prioritisations, requirements. Less acronyms, but a whole new language – the language of tech.
  • Finally, real release cycles. 1 – 2 week releases, instead of half to year long affairs.
  • Shorter lunch breaks. This is a little surprising for me, but I guess when you get to come in later this is a moot point.

It’s still 2nd day, and I’m very thankful for great colleagues and a supervisor who is giving me a helping hand so far. We’ll see how it goes!

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