Disrupt Me, Day 4 (from Product Marketing to Product Management)

Who would have thought, some of the most mundane things I’ve done in my life, have proven to be extremely useful. And it’s amusing that, being mistaken for a non-Singaporean, I don’t feel out of place at work. (Adding more points to Middle-Eastern and Chinese – yes, really – to the wrong-citizen stats)

9.40am – reach the office, have breadfast, check up a few emails

10am – process manager (my coining, since he didn’t seem to have an official title; his previous project was canned and he moved to help this instead) met with supervisor and myself, to clarify documentation for buying system and processes we were trying to implement

So doing admin, internal documentation and learning about SKUs and accounting/purchasing systems was not for naught.

11am – SEO meeting, at least I’m not completely lost since I did HTML briefly. Lots of stuff to read up on, and new things learnt – I didn’t know you could do so much with Google Webmaster Tools. Plus, I learnt what Google indexes from this blog… and well, I can see that my traffic could be better…

12pm – meeting over, adjourn to couches for another Q&A session with the supervisor.

1.15pm – colleague walks by and gives the “I’m hungry” look. We cut short our catchup, and I realise I still have a lot of things to learn.

2.30pm – back from lunch, start work on some documentation.

4pm – done with documentation. Set aside an hour to do some catch-up reading, resolve to start work on some tickets at about 5pm.

5.10pm – start working on some tickets

5.15pm – I digest an e-mail and write a few lines before being pulled into another impromptu meeting with buying planners on new features and improvements. Am lost, and thankful that my supervisor is there.

6pm – catch up with supervisor again, leave with more tickets and some questions to resolve. Clarify the urgency of the tickets – thankfully, not very.

7pm – finally started on the tickets.

7.45pm – home bound.

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