day 42: post-perth catch up

Daily Stats

  • e-mails cleared = <10 (still have 27 to go)
  • desk visitors = 4
  • to-dos cleared = 1.5
  • arranged meetings = 4 (inc. daily standup)

Not a wasted day, but I’d say not much was done for the medium/long term, which I’d like to do more of. I’ll take today more as starting the engine after getting back from a holiday in Perth (which I will write about). Reflections:

  • Again, need to learn how to handle troubleshooting. Should I be more harsh and hard-lined? Which may not do well for building relationships with the actual users, but would definitely help with efficiency.
  • Need to find out how to build a better product – I’m still very executional/operational
  • Need to find the courage and beat the inertia to ASK people about processes – but first, need to gather the thoughts to ask good questions. Sat in a meeting today and almost everything kinda flew over my head.

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