Commit #001

The last commit (#000) can be found here. In this week’s commit:

The Role of a Product Manager

  • Be a Great Product Leader (for Dropbox/AirBnb 2013), by Adam Nash, 15 Slides, 4 mins. Nicely sums up the main role of a PM over three areas – strategy, prioritisation and execution. Light and heavy at the same time!
  • Ode to a non-technical Product Manager, by Hunter Walk, 3 mins. Also sums up the role of a PM as being three jobs: Project Manager (execution), Product Manager (user and business), CEO (responsibility). I like how he addresses concerns about lack of technical ability – that PMs have more to bring to the table, their “superpower” in that sense.
  • Product Management 101, by Shawn Zvinis, 4 mins. Thoughts covering roles, principles and some methods for PMs.

User Stories:

  • Blockbuster User Scenarios, by Jeff Patton, 6 mins. In short, think about how your user stories gel together, especially for big projects. I like how Jeff actually does an example for people to look at.

Design / UX

  • Hacker Way: Designing the New Messenger, by Luke Wood, 40 mins.  Honestly felt this sharing suffered from pacing issues, but it’s still a cool look into some thought processes behind the redesign of messenger. I particularly liked seeing the different iterations and mockups done.
  • Perplexing Design Intentions, by Julie Zhuo, 5 mins. A reminder to keep questioning why certain things are being done, and how they can be better.


The hardest thing is when you think about focusing. You think focusing is about saying “Yes.” No. Focusing is about saying “No.” And when you say “No,” you piss off people.

Steve Jobs

Hope you find the articles and reads as useful as I did. I’d love to hear you thoughts (in comment or tweet). Do consider signing up for the mailing list as well!

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