Day 160: Now or never

Would you do work with business impact now, knowing that it could require a complete reworking (or worse, become obsolete) further down the road?

So we could improve an import feature to save the users time now (let’s call this “problem A”). But at the same time, we’re re-evaluating the product construct and are considering a reasonably big change to solve another “problem B”. This change would definitely impact problem A – at minimum altering how to engineer the solution.

Logically, you would solve problem B first. After all, when B is done, A is either irrelevant or requires a completely different solution. Otherwise, you’d be wasting resources building something that may one day be re-written.

But when you don’t have enough information to resolve B – which means it will drag on – is doing “double-work” the lesser of two evils?

Hey, maybe one day, problem B might itself become irrelevant.

So between the more waterfall style thinking and the agile approach, which would you choose?

I jumped from Product Marketing to Product Management at Zalora recently. These posts represent a journal of my learnings and reflections – you can keep track of my journey by joining the mailing list here.

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