Commit #002

In addition to the journal, I’ve started logging thought-provoking and practical articles on Product Management and related fields. I hope you’ll find them as illuminating as I have! The last commit (#001) can be found here.

In this week’s commit:


Design & UX

  • The Dead Simple Way Google Ventures Unlocks Great Ideas (Fast CoDesign): Don’t be misled by the title, it’s actually a pretty good UX piece – this is a really cool idea for getting agreement and feedback on designs, features etc. by replacing the Post-it note with those small, circular stickers.
  • Perfecting Your Personas (Cooper): Some classic principles on thinking through personas. Applicable to more than UX!
  • 8 Tips from Apple’s Official Guide to App Design (Fast CoDesign): Not new, but a good reminder, especially how content should triumph the interface – you’re not there to scratch your design itch, you’re serving the user.

PM Skills & Principles

Hope you find the articles and reads as useful as I did. I’d love to hear you thoughts (in comment or tweet). Do consider signing up for the mailing list as well!

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