Day 236: Reflect

So, close to eight months now!

In the last week:

I felt like I’m finally starting to spread my wings (insert Frozen theme song) – like there’s some direction for the roadmap, got some buy in…

I also realised I still know pitifully little about the business and my users. It’s easy to hide behind the quantity of users, flux of processes and learning curve, but I sure think I could have done more useful things in the past few months.

Perhaps the most poignant piece of writing I’ve read in the past week:

The leveraged PM doesn’t say “I can’t get it done,” they prioritize and help identify the resources necessary for success.
From The DNA of Product Management

That’s an aspiration – being a do-er instead of a naysayer, where it really matters.

But hey, great to have this “junior” title! I’ve been fortunate to have a “ramp-up” to Product Management. As Ellen (Chisa) succinctly puts it, most Product Managers never had formal education for their role. I’ve been lucky not to have been thrown into the deep end immediately.

More PM journal entries here.

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