my web programming journey (so far)

Thank you @roguelynn for letting us newbies know there is hope!

Highlights of my journey + some key resources so far:

  • HTML 4.0 way back in 2000. Played around for a while, put up some stuff on Tripod, and then gave up. (Stupid, stupid)
  • Heard about Python from a colleague at work in 2013
  • Learn Python the Hard Way (v2.7) – great introduction to the basics of Python, and also tries to set up your mindset for programming in general (memorisation, getting you to search for answers, structuring code)
  • Tango with Django (v1.5), now 1.7 beta is available – pretty deep for something aimed at a newbie to Django. Introduces quite a few concepts in Django but also touches AJAX, git and deployment on Pythonanywhere (small plug: appreciate it if you use this link to sign up so I can get referral bonuses!), which I am currently using.
  • Djangogirls tutorial – a lot lighter than Tango with Django (and hence faster to finish – I suggest going through this first) and updated for 1.7.
  • Learnt SQL for use at work (the language, not the database)
  • Djangogirls tutorial extensions – Extra lessons for the aforementioned tutorial. A little less maintained though, they seem to still on 1.5 for this. The most useful for me was the introduction to PostgreSQL
  • With the info learnt, was able to put up an incredibly basic site with Semantic UI – since I thought I’d try something different from the usual Bootstrap. Some of it was cool, but there aren’t many resources. This paid video series by Tuts+ is a pretty good introduction, and was also my first real introduction to CSS media queries.
  • Decided to move to Bootstrap since there are a lot more resources (ok, startbootstrap was the trigger). Semantic has since up-versioned (finally v1.0+), so for new projects I may look at it again. Yay, pretty site:

2014-11-29 12_03_15-Wedever - easy wedding venue search

I wish I could list out more of the intricacies now – the Googles, the stackoverflows – because so much of this you have to find out yourself. Maybe one day I will start writing my own tutorials. For now, I have a long list #tolearn – thought I’d make it public as well.

Also big thanks to friends (some doing very well now, congrats!) who I could ping off stupid questions.

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