Whales in Albany

Road Trippin’ in Western Australia: South of Perth

The last time I was in Perth, we took a road trip up North to Kalbarri. This time, South was the obvious way to go. It happened to be whale season, so seeing one of the huge mammals became a “must-do” on our checklist. The season lasts a whooping 7 months from May to November, though where exactly you can catch the mammals does vary over the months.

This was our itinerary, along with some of our highlights:

  • Perth to Busselton (220km) – mostly spent traveling, we didn’t stop at Swan Valley as wineries weren’t top on our to-dos
  • Busselton to Augusta to Pemberton (205km) – from Cape Naturaliste, we stopped by Ngilgi and Lake caves, then at Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse for sunset
  • Pemberton to Walpole (120km) – Tree climbing, Beedulup National Park, more sea views at Salmon Beach
  • Walpole to Albany (120km) – Giant Tingle Trees, Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk, Elephant Rocks and more.
  • Albany back to Perth (417km) – Whale-watching, catching some nice views near the National Anzac Centre

Some other quick facts about our trip:

  • It was winter (June – August) with temperatures in Perth around 5 – 18 degrees Celsius. A nice thick jacket helps, wish we also had beanies and maybe gloves.
  • The sun rises at 7.15am and starts setting around 5.30pm, so you’d have to take that into consideration. It gets really dark around 6 plus, and driving in the darkness can be intimidating – you’ll have to rely on the road reflectors, and be wary of Kangaroos.

I’ll post more about each day soon!


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